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Put the good word where your traffic is
Photos of LED signs at churches

Churches and places of worship: Here are shining examples of how to inspire your community.

LED signs are an extremely cost-effective form of communication. A new LED sign can cost less than 15 cents per thousand exposures while reaching the very people who are geographically close enough to act on your message immediately. How important is it for you to keep your congregation informed and growing?

With an attention-grabbing LED message center, your church can reach out with inspiration and excitement to your flock as well as the surrounding community. LED displays provide energy-efficient communications 24/7, using light, colour, and motion to bring greater visibility to your congregationís programs. With a watchFire LED sign, your church can become your communityís beacon of light.

• Extend a warm welcome to newcomers and passer-bys
• Share daily or hourly affirmations with your whole community
• Communicate weddings, festivals and special events
• Promote school spirit, sporting events, and student activities
• Acknowledge student, staff and ministry achievements
• Seek community support for fundraising events
• Draw attention with time, temperature and date displays

With watchFire signs, Electronic Signs Canada offers full LED signage solutions across Canada. We are dedicated to providing the finest quality products and service to all of our clients.

When it comes to outdoor LED signs, watchFire engineers and manufactures the highest quality LED signs to help organizations increase visibility and drive growth. watchFire has created more than 15,000 LED signs for places of worship, schools, auto dealers, banks, retailers and other locations throughout North America. Together we are committed to the highest level of education, training and support to make our customers more successful.

In the end, a LED sign is a long term investment for your organization. With a top quality watchFire sign, you can count on it doing the job for years to come.

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