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Make them hungry, pull them in
Photos of LED signs at restaurants

Restaurant owners: Grab those on-the-go customers to grow your sales.

Did you know LED signs are an extremely cost-effective form of advertising? In fact, a new LED sign can cost less than 15 cents per thousand exposures while reaching the very people who are geographically close enough to act on your message immediately. How does that compare with the rest of your media buy?

If you are spending heavily on newspaper and radio, you can redirect, or even replace, some of these dollars with a LED sign that will provide timely messages to the right target audience consumers who regularly pass in front of your business. So grab the attention of the customer across the street, not the one across town.

With a watchFire LED sign, your business can increase sales of advertised products at least 15-50%.

• Offer different menu specials throughout the day for impulse buys
• Change menu specials hourly, daily to test best results
• Promote value-added services like free delivery or catering
• Advertise carry-out menus during lunch and evening rush hours
• Announce local events to show your community involvement/support
• Display help wanted ads for seasonal labor needs
• Run daily messages to make customers smile

When it comes to outdoor LED signs, watchFire engineers and manufactures the highest quality LED signs to help businesses increase visibility and drive growth. watchFire has created more than 15,000 LED signs for restaurants, schools, auto dealers, banks, retailers and other locations throughout North America. Together we are committed to the highest level of education, training and support to make our customers more successful.

In the end, a LED sign is a long term investment for your organization. With a top quality watchFire sign, you can count on it doing the job for years to come.

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