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Case Study

"Almost instantaneous." That’s how real estate broker Renee Simchon described the impact of her first watchFire LED sign.

"It got such a great response, with the public coming in and asking about the properties advertised on the sign," she said. "We’ve even had several thank you letters from customers who have absolutely loved seeing their properties on the sign." In addition to the positive customer feedback, the sign has resulted in unprecedented growth for Simchon’s real estate business. "No other company in town can showcase their products like we do." she said. "It’s definitely an eye catcher."

Soon after acquiring the sign, and with the help of Rainbow Signs Simchon set about opening a second real estate office in the area. This time, she wasted no time putting an electronic message center in front of the building. "That was my first purchase, even before we purchased furniture," Simchon said, adding that "the second sign has been just as effective at attracting customers as the first."

Simchon looked at a number of electronic messaging centers during her initial search. In the end, she said, "There’s no comparison when you look at the quality and the brightness of a watchFire sign. When I put people’s faces on my sign, you can actually tell who they are. On other signs, you can barely make out the text. I think the clarity and the colour is second to none. That’s what sold me on my sign, and that’s why I bought a second one." Simchon also credits watchFire’s customer support for her satisfaction with the company. "I love my local representative, Tracy King," she said. "When I call him, he’s responsive. He can usually walk me through things over the phone, and if he can’t, he’ll put me in touch with someone who can."

Simchon wasn’t the only one impressed with watchFire’s customer support; Rainbow Signs owner Bill Caine was also pleased with the endless help of their watchFire representative. "Everything went really smooth, Tracy King helped out our sales guys from the beginning. He insured that everything went over well; he was there through the entire sale. It made things a lot easier on us." said Caine.

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