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What are pixels and pitch?

A pixel in an electronic sign is 1 (single colour) in a monochrome sign, or a cluster of 3 (red, green, blue) LEDs in a full colour display.

LED sign pixels

Pixel pitch is the distance between each pixel on your sign. The closer the pixels, the crisper the image. Pitch is generally referred to in millimeters (mm), ranging from 12mm to 35mm. There are smaller pitch models available, but these are for very specialized applications and not suitable for most outdoor installations. As a rule of thumb, for minimum viewing distance 1 mm in pitch equals 1 meter in viewing distance. So a 16mm pitch sign is best viewed from at least 16 meters (52') and a 35mm pitch is best viewed from at least 35 meters (114'). When you get closer, the sign will look grainy. LED signs look their best from the specified distance and farther.

When purchasing an electronic sign, it is important to evaluate your location for viewing distance and speed of traffic. Farther away and faster traffic may require a larger pitch. Size does matter. Size of pitch and size of overall sign matters. A small pitch on a small sign may produce beautiful graphics, but if the sign is too small to be noticed, you have wasted your money. A sign that has a large pitch and is being viewed from close up, will look grainy and and be hard to read. Talk to us first to discuss your needs and location.

led sign resolution images

What is LED sign resolution?

The more pixels in the sign, the higher the resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the picture.

Notice how the picture looks crisper and the details look better on the image on the top. The image on the top has 96 pixels high by 240 wide, for a total of 23,040 pixels. The image on the bottom has 48 pixels high by 120 wide, for a total of 5,760 pixels.

These representations use the same photograph loaded into the sign software, and show how it would look on different signs. For this illustration, both models are 2.5 times as wide as tall, but signs can be built in almost any configuration.

There is more to choosing a LED sign than just resolution. Sometimes high resolution is needed. Other times size is much more important than high quality images. The more we know about your location and what you want the sign to do for you, the better we can help you choose the right pitch and resolution that fits your needs.