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Why invest in an Outdoor LED Sign?

Every day, thousands of potential customers pass by your business. If you give them a reason, a person who is already there is far more likely to come in to see you than someone sitting at home kilometers away, reading your ad in the newspaper or phone book. When it comes to your advertising dollars, an electronic LED sign is the most cost effective media. It is also the quickest to update. Why wait days or weeks to update your advertising? You can update your electronic LED sign in minutes. Imagine that, a one day special or a new idea, out to your customers in minutes. Could that help your business? You bet it could! Not convinced? See actual case studies of how an electronic sign helped increase business and communication here: Electronic LED Sign Case Studies

A little about Outdoor LED Signs

Not all LED signs are created equal. Like most things, there can be a big difference in quality for similar products. We are proud to represent watchFire signs, who we believe make the finest electronic signs, with the best warranty, and user-friendly software. watchFire uses the highest quality LEDs with wide viewing angles. The LEDs are encased in silicone to make them truly weather proof. LED boards are tested under water for weeks at a time. watchFire sign cabinets are made with extruded aluminum, welded, not riveted. Canadian weather can be tough on an electronic LED sign, but watchFire signs can handle it. A rivetted cabinet will shake loose and eventually let water into the sign. Electronics and water don't mix, so watchFire goes above and beyond to keep water out. Call us to learn more.

Before You Invest in an Outdoor LED Sign

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Before you invest in any electronic LED message centre, there are things you should ask yourself. What do you want the sign to do for you? Will it be for information like events coming up at a recreation centre, or production and safety information at a plant? Perhaps you have products like cars or furniture that you want to advertise and sell. How far away are the readers? What is the traffic speed? How much time will readers have to view the sign? Different applications and locations require a very different sign. Call us so that we can help you determine the right sign for you.

What is LED Pixel Pitch?

Pixel pitch in a LED sign is the distance from the centre of one pixel to the centre of the next. A pixel is either 1 (monochrome) or 3 (colour) LEDs. The closer the pixels, the crisper the image. For more on pixels and pitch, see here: Pixels.

What is Resolution on a LED Sign?

The resolution of a sign is the number of pixels it has. More pixels means a better image. A sign with 80 pixels by 160 (like the photos above) will make pictures look better than a sign with 48 pixels by 96. However, higher resolution isn't always the best solution for all locations. To see how resolution affects the look of a sign, see here: Resolution.

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