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LED Sign Models

LED sign models graphic

WatchFire LED signs come in 4 full colour models and 2 monochrome (red or amber) models. Models are made up of different pitch sizes. They are 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 35mm full colour, 19mm and 35mm monochrome.

The graphic shows how the same character on each model would look if you viewed them all from the same distance. The 16mm looks best at this distance, but as you move farther away, each larger pitch will begin to look better until you no longer see the pixels, just a clear image. The viewing distance for your location is important when choosing the right LED sign.

LED Sign Demo Truck Video

Full Colour

16mm Full Colour Page

19mm Full Colour Page

25mm Full Colour Page

35mm Full Colour Page


19mm Monochrome LED Signs Page

35mm Monochrome LED Signs Page

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