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Case Study

"The high school was ready for a new sign," said J.W. Hill of Moore Sign Corporation. After years of driving out almost weekly to fix the faulty LED sign, Hill knew better than anyone that the high school needed something more dependable.

After their previous sign finally gave out, Ms. Fields sought Hill’s help in getting something better for the school, "they were really hoping to get reliability, and functionality, a sign that would actually work for them," said Hill. That’s when Hill suggested a watchFire product.

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"I suggested a watchFire sign for the high school for the same reason I always suggest a watchFire sign to a customer. They’re well engineered and the company gives you great customer service," said Hill. "There are very few manufacturers out there who give you the kind of customer service that watchFire gives it’s customers."

Ms. Fields agrees, noting that her local representative, Ben Barr, came with Hill many times to simply explain how the new sign worked and what it could do. "They would frequently take time out of their schedules to show us how to work everything, which is what you want as a customer," said Fields.

With their new sign, the high school is able to display information about school events and activities which they often couldn’t with their old sign. "We wanted to be able to communicate with our community and with the parents," said Fields, "we need to let people know just what sorts of events we’re having at our school, and the sign has really done that for us."

The new sign has drawn the attention of many community members who have come to Fields to comment on how much they enjoy the graphics and versatility of the sign. "Students have also stopped me just to say how neat the sign is. The fact is it’s colourful and it catches your attention; it’s what we wanted to advertise our school."

Fields says that her entire experience with watchFire and Moore Sign Corporation has been excellent, and notes the comfort she now feels in having a reliable and guaranteed product.

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