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Put your money where your traffic is
Photos of LED signs at auto dealers

Automotive dealers: Take a new advertising plan for a test drive.


When it comes to auto sales, location is an important factor to success. Let’s face it, a great location costs money. Thousands of potential customers drive past your dealership every day. Are you getting the very most sales possible out of your great location? Could you be doing more to get people to come in and see you? We say yes.

A quality electronic sign can get you noticed and make you stand out from the crowd. With movement and colour, a LED sign can jump out and grab the attention of all those potential customers driving near your dealership. With better technology and lower prices, a full colour watchFire LED sign is now an economical option to increase your sales

A watchFire LED sign is an extremely cost-effective form of advertising. In fact, a new LED sign can cost less than 15 cents per thousand exposures, while reaching the very people who are geographically close enough to act on your message immediately. How does that compare with the rest of your media buy?

If you’re spending heavily on newspaper and radio, you can redirect some of those dollars to a LED sign that will provide timely messages to the right target audience – consumers who regularly pass in front of your dealership. A timely deal is more appealing to a customer across the street than a customer across town. With a watchFire LED sign and it’s extremely easy to use software, your business will have its own 24/7 sales rep.


• Announce new inventory arrivals for both new and used cars
• Offer daily specials on over-stocked or popular models
• Advertise your competitive advantages: incentives, interest rates etc.
• Run impromptu ads for oil changes, tire rotation, tune ups, etc. when sales are light
• Promote high-margin service specials and dealer warranty programs
• Broadcast community involvement and sponsored activities
• Display daily time and temperature to your drive-by audience

Electronic Signs Canada offers LED signage solutions across Canada. We are dedicated to providing only the finest quality products and service to all of our clients.

In the end, a high quality LED sign is a long term investment for your business. With a watchFire sign, you can count on it doing the job for years to come. Don’t settle for a cheap substitute that won’t last. Demand the best.

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