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35mm LED signs Graphic

The 35mm watchFire display is a low-resolution LED display designed for farther viewing distances and faster moving traffic. Heights and widths are available in increments of approximately 11 x 11 inches. The 35mm colour technology is capable of displaying crisp video imaging, plus all standard digital images when viewed from the right distances.

The 35mm LED sign is best viewed from a minimum of 110' to an optimum distance of 290' to 350'. At the minimum distance the image will look clear, but you will see the pixels. At the optimum viewing distances, the pixels will disappear and you will see a seamless image.


• Quite possibly, the easiest, yet powerful, LED sign software available
• Edit, schedule and update your sign from just one program
• Use the Ignite step-by-step wizards to effortlessly create and manage messages
• Preview your messages before you run them on your sign
• Import video files of custom content created in other software
• Hundreds of animations included in the EasyArt library with special collections
• Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
• Training manual included
• Complete training and post-installation support

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35mm Details

Feature Standard Spec
Pixel Pitch 35mm: 800 pixels/square meter resolution
Character Height 10" and larger
Colour Palette 262,144
Expected LED Life + 100,000 hours
Viewing Angle ½ Brightness Angle: 90° horizontal x 40° vertical
Video Capability Imported pre-recorded movie clips
Graphics & Animation FREE: Hundreds built in.
Ignite™ Graphics Software Exclusively from watchFire. Includes:
  • Graphics and animation
  • Font editor
  • Message Logging
  • Wizards
  • User manual
Communication Options RF Wireless; Phone Modem; Fiber Optic; LAN & WAN broadband
Power 120 volt, single-phase 60 Hz


• watchFire LED modules are unique in featuring an all-weather encapsulation in a bed of silicone gel
• Modules are rigorously tested through 180 consecutive days of underwater immersion, 60 consecutive days of salt spray, and temperatures down to -40° C
• Modular design can be scaled up to very large sizes
• Time, day and date displays (temperature display optional)
• 100% solid state with modular design for ease of service
• All manufacturing is controlled in watchFire's vertically integrated manufacturing plant in the U.S. Midwest, from LED circuit board assembly to aluminum cabinetry. A computerized state-of-the-art facility assures reliable on-time delivery.
• Extruded aluminum cabinetry featuring precision mitered corners, solid welds and 30% gloss black polyurethane finishes
• watchFire signs exclusively feature stainless fasteners
• Electrical: required service equals 100% of total wattage; average energy consumption equals about 1/3 of total wattage

Dimensions LED Pixel Matrix
3' 1" x 8'
3' 1" x 10'
3' 1" x 12'
24 x 64
24 x 80
24 x 96
4' x 8'
4' x 10'
4' x 12'
32 x 64
32 x 80
32 x 96
5' x 8'
5' x 10'
5' x 12'
40 x 64
40 x 80
40 x 96
8' x 16' 64 x 136
10' x 20' 80 x 168