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red line

The 200 Series consists of 3 models. The 215R and 215C can display 15 characters, 2 inches high per screen. The 215R is RED only, and the 215C is tricolour. They come with a wireless keypad, and RS232 and RS485 jacks to connect to a PC. The 220C is tricolour like the 215C, except it can display 20 characters per screen.

2 inch LED Signs

1 Line, 2 inch Sign Specifications

Model LED Colour Cabinet
Letter Height
Letters per Screen Matrix
215R and C RED /
28.9 X 4.5 2 15 90 X 7 pixels
220C TRICOLOUR 37.7 X 3.8 2.1 20 120 X 7 pixels

The 300 Series consists of 2 models, the 320C and 330C. Both are tricolour with 3 inch high characters. The 320C can display 20 characters per screen, and the 330C can display 30. This is an ideal model for reading distances of 20 to 80 feet away.

The Alpha Big Dot is a 4 inch, TRICOLOUR sign.This is an ideal model for reading distances of 40 to 80 feet away.

See charts for sizes.

300 Series LED Signs

ALPHA 300 and Big Dot Specifications

BIG DOT TRICOLOUR 49 X 6.26 4 13 80 X 7 Pixels
320C TRICOLOUR 57.4 X 5.5 3.1 20 120 X 7 Pixels
330C TRICOLOUR 84.4 X 5.5 3.1 30 180 X 7 Pixels