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Welcome to Electronic Signs Across Canada. Over 30 years of building, selling and servicing LED signs across Canada.

Electronic Signs Canada specializes in outdoor and indoor electronic LED signs and software.

Every day, thousands of potential customers pass by your business or organization. Do they know what you have to offer? Do they even know you are there? When it comes to your advertising dollars, an electronic LED sign is the most cost effective media. It is also the quickest to update.

Before you invest in just any outdoor LED sign however, call us to help you determine the right sign for your needs. We have been selling and servicing LED signs for over 20 years. We have the experience to custom fit your business with the correct LED sign, not just any LED sign. With all the various products and terminology, it can be difficult to understand. Are all LED signs the same? Is the software important? Are the materials the same in all LED signs? Is a low price really a good deal? What pitch do I need? And so much more. An electronic sign is an important investment that will last for years, if you choose the right one.

Please take a look around our site, then give us a call to help you find the right LED sign for your business or organization.

For LED sign case studies, click here: Electronic Sign Case Studies

Stand out from the crowd with an electronic message centre or full colour LED video display, from Electronic Signs Canada.

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